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In 1990, Mrs Rickman travelled to the Gambia for her first time, during this first visit she noticed that ganja (a local sample of marijuana) was used in the country. Mrs. Rickman visited the Gambia several times and each time she could observe that hard drug abuse had increased especially heroin.

The goal for this project is to get this rehabilitation centre to be self-contained and managed by local staff after a three year period.

Introducing "A.D.P" in the Gambia -97.

Back in the Gambia 1997 Mrs. Rickman introduced a project proposal to; Mr Momodou Jammed, working at Royal Victoria Hospital as a Laboratory Technician. Mr. Dembo Boijang, Director of SOS villages. Mr. Ebrima Bah, working at Gambia Hepatitis trial. Dr. Alieu Gaye, The Director of Health Services, Mr Saiku Janneh, Senior Health Planner. Mr. F.R.I. Jammeh, General Inspector of the Police, Mr. Sankareh, Head of Drug squad. Mrs Mendy Mitchell, Director of Welfare Department, Mr Jombo Chorr, social welfare officer.

Mr Sankareh confirmed that the addiction within the country has increased with more than
150 % the last two years. The most common Drugs, used in the country are ganja, heroin, illegal medication and some cocaine and amphetamine. According the statistics at this time there were 2 000 known addicts in the Kombo, (an area surrounding the capital Banjul).

Back in Sweden.

In 1997 5:th of April a non profit organisation "Against Drugs for the People" was founded in Sweden. The organisation am is to raise funds, for building, establish and run rehabilitation Community in the Gambia. Today there is 40 members in Sweden and 25 in the Gambia.

Our  work in Sweden.

  • We support the opinion Against drugs (a drug free community).
  • We are working with information in schools about Drugs, addiction, and consequences.
  • We are having information meetings for adults at the same theme.
  • We are arranging drug free dances.
  • We are always trying to get our message out that drugs are dangerous, not only for you but also for your community.

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