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At the Country Profile
You can read about the Gambia a small independent republic
on the bulge of Africa and forms part of the
West African Region.

           Where The Gambia straddles the vast waterway of
the River Gambia.
Ruth is guiding us trough
the birdnests in the Gambia
At Birdwatchers Paradise.
           While Nijii  who is from Niani Salikene
the Central River Division,

The Gambia West Africa and
       moved to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.
              Transparency International is a not-for-profit,
non-governmental organisation to counter
             corruption both in international business transactions and,
through our National Chapters,
At national levels you can follow their work trough
TI Gambia National Chapter. To get  more official
           information go to The Republic of The Gambia hosted
at, the largest Internet site on
Afrocentric Business and Information.
You can find  news about the Gambia at
WorldWide Newspapers. You can also search for
           WorldWide country ! To search for more Gambian links you could visit
Advanced AltaVista Query of Gambia Sites:
or use Woyaas search engin.

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Here in Sweden we also have a government program
against drugs you can follow theire program at

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