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The Gambia

                  The Gambia is a small country in West Africa.
On three sides its
                    surrounded by Senegal,
( sometimes the Gambia is called the smile of  Senegal).
This is the reason how this two countries are having ethnical
                    and cultural similarities.

                    From independent day 18.2, 1965 to april 1970, this country was led by
                    parliamentarian democracy with a Prime minister, head of the country
                    was  Queen of England.

                    In 1970 this country became republic with a President as head of the
                    country. In contrast to many other African countries has Gambia
                    succeeded in keeping the democratic tradition, with open election every
                    fifth year. There are also several political parties in the Gambia, in most
                    of other African countries they have only one political parties. The
                    system changed slightly in 1982 when it became possible to vote directly
                    for the President.

                    The muslim part of the Gambia is counted to over 1 million. The largest
                    ethnical groups are Fula, Jola, Mandinka, Serahule, and Wollof. The
                    illiterate part of the citizens are counted as high as 73%. The human
                    development index was calculated as no 173 out of 192 countries in 1992.
                    Income per capita  $360 (US) 1991 was one of the lowest in the world.

                    Despite economical and political difficulties Gambia has always been
                    active at the international arena. As members of UN, Organization of
                    African Unity and  Economic Community of West African States

                    Out of a strong tradition of peaceful respect for human rights "African
                    Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies" established 1989 by
                    the Gambian parliament with a vision of "together with other African
                    countries and international institutions, superintend human rights and
                    democratic principles all over Africa ". It has to be pointed out that
                    ACDHRS is lead by independent African lawyer and other

                    This small country has 1 million 400 thousand citizens, today there are
                    approximately 2 000 known addicts. Which is a increase of 200% over the

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