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Second travel with "A.D.P" to the Gambia -98.

Three members from the Swedish board travelled to the Gambia 1998 03 18. The cause of the visit was to attend meetings with members of the Gambian Government, and apply to receive a NGO status in the Gambia. To apply the NGO status we needed memorandums from three departments, proposed land and building plans. At the 19 Th. of mars we met with Mr. M Sankareh head of Drug squad and Mr. S Janneh Senior Health Planner we founded a Gambian Committee which would have a supervising and advising position towards "A.D.P". We also discussed the memorandum, which were necessary for the appliance to NGO office.

Our family party
22:nd of August we hade our first party. The local we rented from Solna kommun for a reduced cost. We tought a lot wile we organized this event, there were no difficulties to get sponsors for this event from companies providiŽng us with candies, coffe and food.
Relativly many people attended the familypart of the party and we made 11 new members, three of them offered to help with different kind of work in the future, we welcome all the new members.
Tjingeling entertained with a great feeling they could even activate us grown ups at the party. The theme they were working with was impotrant for the children and the community, with humour and good feeling. Tjingeling is available for day-care and other events. Thanks you Tjingeling for a wonderful time. Tommy the clown showed the children that we grown ups also are in need of help sometime, the Clown will perform in private homes or parties to a cost of 1 000:- half of the fee will go to the organisation, thank you Tommy the Clown. Last but not least we have to thank our fabulous Michael Jackson who with a very short notice could make this performance, he was great and the children liked him, we are hoping for a further co-operation with him and his parents.
Per a policeman from Klara district came to inform about the drug abuse situation in central of  Stockholm,  started so many questions amongst the grown up audience.

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