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Treatment theory

In the view of behavioural theories, attitudes and social norms are regarded as the main determinants to produce a certain type of behaviour. Behavioural and emotional responses can be learned and unlearned. Reactions to behaviour can reinforce the behaviour or have a punishing character. Important in this view is to question that is reinforcing to addictive behaviour.

Stages of the therapeutic program.

The treatment in the therapeutic Community is planned to consist various stages, which would be meaningful both for the staff members and the residents; detoxification - rehabilitation - and last but not the least the re-entry stage.

Although the rehabilitation period in the "A.D.P" is the most crucial part of the program, a good Introduction to the program is vital, as well as a well-prepared discharge into the re-entry stage.

The goal is to unlearn his - her former destructive behaviour and replace this by a new non-destructive behaviour. In specific situations which the client is associating with drug and alcohol use.

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