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Staff members

The program Director;   Mrs. Rickman graduated, as economic 1983, 1987 she certificated as B.Sc. in social Work, today she is also a qualified psychotherapist. Since 1987, she has been working with addicts in different stages. She has been working as social welfare officer, group leader at a rehabilitation community, Director at a rehabilitation home, and organised a rehabilitation centre for outpatients in the Central of Stockholm. Since 1991, she has been operating her own psychotherapy centre for individuals and groups. The program Director is going to be ultimately responsible for the therapeutical Community including the staff, organisation, and budget.

The Head nurse; should be qualified as nurse, with experience from psychiatric and detoxification units. Moreover, it is necessary for the head nurse to have some experience from supervising staff members. The head nurse is going to be responsible for the detoxification unit and their staff members.

Rehabilitation officer; Ulla Denzel certificated as B.Sc. in social Work 1988. Since than she has been working with addicts, as social welfare officer and group leader. Today she is working in the open rehabilitation centre Central in Stockholm. Rehabilitation officer is going to be responsible for the treatment in the rehabilitation unit.

Re-entry officer; should be a Gambian with good knowledge and contacts within the Gambia. He should also be able to speak several languages that are used in the Gambia. He is going to be responsible for the resident's re-entry stages until they are standing on there own without addiction.

Detoxification staff; one secretary who should work with all administrative tasks. Tree nurses which duties should be medical care taking. Ten assistants who should work to motivate the residents and to function as role models. Four guards responsible for visitation and security on the unit.

Teachers from Europe will also come and hold workshops at the area; each teacher is coming once or twice a year. This education is striving for a minimum standard for staff members at a therapeutic Community.

During the first year of the Community, we in the management group are selecting successors from the local staff. The second year the chosen staff members are trainees and the third year they will be operating instead of the expatriate staff, which will function as supervisors.